Marula Oil Benefits for Dehydrated Skin

Skincare 29.09.2022

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Marula Oil Benefits for Dehydrated Skin

With skin care products, there has been a lot of buzz about marula oil. But what is it and why should you consider using it? While it is great for dehydrated skin, marula oil can benefit all skin types.

This natural oil has a light texture but is consider the best moisturizer because it has such beneficial components. Learning about how marula oil can benefit you in skin care products will help you see how much it can help your skin in your routine.

Marula Oil benefits

Why Is Marula Oil the Best Moisturizer?

You might be wondering why anyone would put oil on their skin. Isn’t that bad for it? Nope! While some oils may congest the pores, this oil soaks right into the skin and infuses it deep into the layers where it is most needed.

There’s a very good reason why many skin care products include marula oil. And it goes beyond helping dry, parched skin. This natural oil contains amino acids, L-arginine and glutamic acid which help hydrate and fight the signs of aging.

It also has fatty acids that include stearic, palmitic, oleic, and myristic acids. These all contain moisturizing and emollient properties. Then there are the antioxidants which fight free radicals and keep your skin from suffering tons of damage from UV ray exposure and pollution. These phenolic compounds include vitamins C and E. And together, those two vitamins work with one another to bring the best benefits to your skin’s overall health.

Marula oil is the best moisturizer for your face because it is lightweight and absorbs with ease. It might sound counterproductive to put oil on your face, but it is perfect for anyone with dry or aging skin types. It can help smooth and soften those fine lines while nourishing your skin, so it has a healthy, vibrant, and hydrated appearance.

In addition to dry and aging skin types, you might be surprised to learn that this oil is excellent for oily skin. That’s because oily skin is often caused by dry skin. Confused? Don’t be! Basically, when skin becomes too dry, it tries to compensate for that by producing more sebum to leave it soft and supple. However, if that dryness isn’t corrected by you in other ways of nourishment, both inside and out, your skin will flake off and get trapped into those pores, leading to breakouts.

So, using a lightweight, non-greasy oil like this can be a blessing for your skin. Plus, it has antimicrobial properties that can tackle the bacteria that causes acne and help you see clearer skin.

Add Marula Luxury Facial Oil to Your Skin Routine

Every skin type can benefit from using this fast-absorbing oil that doesn’t leave you with a greasy look or feel. With Marula Luxury Facial Oil, you’ll find a pure format of this precious, skin-loving oil.

If you want to have smooth, supple, glowing, and youthful skin, this is one oil to add to your routine immediately. From JJO Beauty, it combines marula oil with other natural and beneficial ingredients to refresh your skin in a way you’re going to love.

What else does this spectacular formula have? It includes apricot oil to soften, hydrate, and smooth. There’s also vitamin E, one of the most potent antioxidants that helps you in your fight against fine lines and wrinkles while keeping skin cells safe from sun damage. It also strengthens your skin barrier, another reason why everyone needs to use it.

Frankincense oil is another ingredient in this luxurious oil treatment that helps prevent wrinkles, clear up acne, and fade those dark spots away that threaten to tear down your self-esteem. Rose damask oil gives this a lovely smell, it’s true, though it also firms your skin and leaves it looking dewy and delightful. There’s also rose geranium which naturally cleanses and hydrates, so you’ll see clearer, more glowing skin with every use.

That’s what’s inside this non-irritating and gentle formula. But what you won’t find are parabens or alcohol to harm your skin. It’s PETA cruelty-free too!

How to Use It ?

Because this marula oil product is so moisturizing, you can use it completely on its own. But if you use it with other facial products from JJO Beauty, you can get an even bigger boost of rejuvenation for your skin. It absorbs so quickly into your skin, so you won’t feel heavy or congested. Marula oil has no side effects.

By day or night, you can apply it separately or add a few drops of it to the moisturizer to include it in one easy step. With versatile ways to use it, the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t start using it sooner. That’s ok though…now that you know, you can make up for lost time.

Paired with other JJO Beauty skin care products, you will take your skin to newly hydrated and healthy levels, no matter your skin concern. And in this way, you can look and feel your most beautiful of all!

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