What to Do About Dark Spots and hyperpigmentation on Your Face

Skincare 28.07.2022

What to Do About Dark Spots and Pigmentation on Your Face

Also known as hyperpigmentation, dark spots can pop up when some parts of your skin make more melanin. They won’t cause you any harm, except to your self-esteem, where you might focus more on these blemished skin areas.

Dark spots are a source of frustration for many women. When you have them, you don’t want to leave your home without covering them up. You think that it is all anyone will notice about you and every day, you wish those dark spots would disappear.

What causes pigmentation on your face? These light to dark brown spots, which can vary in size, are typically revealed after sun exposure. Hence, your face, hands, and other often-exposed areas are more prone to this type of blemished skin.

In fact, sun damage is the number one reason why you may have these dark spots. But even if you’re vigilant about applying SPF properly each day, you may still wind up with hyperpigmentation. Hormonal changes can lead to small patches of discolouration, known as melasma. This can happen during pregnancy or as you age closer to menopause.

Inflammation is another cause of dark spots, from skin conditions or other reactions. Even acne and the blemishes it causes can lead to dark spots. Wounds that heal may leave dark spots behind and if you’re not careful about the products you choose to use on your hair and skin, they could cause you dark spots too.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots and See a Unified Skin Tone?


One way to get rid of those dark spots and feel more confident is to get treatments done. You can visit a dermatologist for laser treatment which targets the melanin to break up the dark spots.

Micro dermabrasion is another way your dermatologist can help. The device they use to correct those dark spots is abrasive and works to remove the outer layer of your skin while stimulating collagen growth. Chemical peels are popular too, with acidic ingredients that exfoliate the skin for new skin to grow. Newer technology with cryotherapy freezes the dark patches with liquid nitrogen so the skin heals to a lighter shade afterward.

Unfortunately, all these methods cost a lot and often require multiple visits to your dermatologist to get the results you need. Not everyone has that kind of budget or the time it takes to schedule all these treatments.

But don’t despair if you’re unable to afford countless visits to the dermatologist. There are plenty of other things you can do to help lighten your skin naturally and unify your skin tone to a harmonious and glowing appearance.

Make Dark Spots Disappear at Home

Want a simpler way to see brighter skin without spending a fortune? Start with the right facial cleanser. One that has melon extract can brighten up your skin thanks to potent levels of vitamin C. Oat silk is another natural ingredient that serves to immediately brighten things with your complexion.

The facial cleanser to use that contains these brightening ingredients plus other wonderful skin-loving stuff is the Sweet Citrus Treat Cleanser. Skin gets a hefty dose of antioxidants and ingredients that soften, hydrate, and smooth, priming it for the following steps in your routine.

After that, smooth on a face serum that carries on where the cleanser leaves off. A face serum that has vitamins A, C, and E will be the most beneficial. Skin will look radiant and simply glow with good health. That vitamin A is an important one because that’s retinol, which works hard to exfoliate skin and speed up new skin growth, revealing fresher, brighter, and healthier skin with every use.

And while you don’t need it every day, you can use a microdermabrasion scrub that can speed up the cellular turnover process. Sloughing off dull, dead skin cells will reveal new, fresh skin underneath. It will also allow for the cleanser and serum to better penetrate and lighten up those annoying dark spots.

Whatever you do though, don’t fall for strange natural remedies. Certain ingredients are surely backed by science and those are what you should stick with when treating dark spots. However, be cautious with things like lemons or apple cider vinegar as there is no evidence that these natural items can help you lighten skin. In fact, they may irritate your skin and cause your dark spots to worsen.

Using quality products from JJO Beauty can help you achieve that brighter, lighter, and more vibrant complexion. With continued use, you will see your dark spots lighten up and you’ll spend less time having to cover them up with your cosmetics stash. These ingredients in JJO Beauty’s formulations are safe and free of nasty chemicals too, so you can use them with complete peace of mind to help restore that confidence you lost when those dark spots turned up.

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